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n. pronounced Sta-dus or Stat

A man of high esteem, and who has a profound respect for his people. With a sense of style, and masculinity unmatched by those who have a habit of "checkin' his fresh", one might witness this particular man dusting off his own shoulder at the haters.

This man may be characterized as down-to-earth, fun, sharp, romantic, smooth, intuitive and powerful. This man's birth name, which will start with the English letter M --however common in some countries, such as France, England, and North America--is like a sweet song to the ear of the woman he truly loves. He is a poet, a historian and a linguist at heart. And would walk through fire to protect his family.
You shoulda been there man. Ya boy Status was goin' in at Open Mic last week!
by Lyric Sky February 04, 2010
15 17
Verb. To write a post on a social media site.
I was about to status so hard on facebook about awesome unicorn cat emojis until LILLY tried to challenge me to no avail. Fucking Lilly.
by Sxypanthr October 16, 2013
1 4
a word often used on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. used to define something that someone else said to sound wrong or rudely suggestive.
Girl: omg thats soo hard

by RainbowSmiley1997 March 11, 2011
6 9
An adjective used to describe something incredible, awesome or cool.
The Dark Knight was a fucking status movie!
by Gionet July 24, 2008
9 17
status, as in being in pimp status.
sophia is status. pimp status.
by sophia January 18, 2004
37 45
To know one's HIV status; negative or positive.
I tested for HIV at the walk-in clinic, and my status is negative.
by I_KNOW_ August 29, 2008
7 18
Status is an "athlete" who dresses to play the role of a great athlete, but cannot perform. For instance a tennis player decked out in expensive professional wear but cannot the game at all.
This "tennis player" was all status when he walked onto the court decked out in Adidas clothing but without skills to back him up.
by Khuuster January 25, 2008
2 14