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1. A three-dimensional form or likeness sculpted, modeled, carved, or cast in material such as stone, clay, wood, or bronze.

2. A person with an exceptionally strong and "chiseled" appearance.

3. Someone of unusual stubbornness; a person unyielding despite immense physical and/or mental pain; a stoic.
"Dude, look, an eagle!"
"No, dude, that's a statue."

"That dude's a frigging statue!"
"I know, right? Check out that six-pack."

"HOLY #$%*, did I just run you over with my Tahoe?!"
"Ummm... I believe so."
by Wazakra April 21, 2010
(v) To suddenly and/or involuntarily reduce the length of one's penis in response to: cold weather, cold water, an incredibly unattractive person, or simply being obese.

(n) The perineum.

(n) A fat witto winky.
1. "So, I went to this pool party and pretty much choded my trunks... and now there are pictures on Facebook."

"As if you have to 'chode' to get a chode. ha ha."

"Shut up!"

2. "Yeah, you got me beggin', beggin'... baby, please don't chooode."
by Wazakra January 28, 2011

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