marijuana of very high grade,.i.e. Hydro, Purple Haze, Northern Lights
54TH Street has the best "Status" on the Low End
by Nefearious K. December 18, 2004
Status is an "athlete" who dresses to play the role of a great athlete, but cannot perform. For instance a tennis player decked out in expensive professional wear but cannot the game at all.
This "tennis player" was all status when he walked onto the court decked out in Adidas clothing but without skills to back him up.
by Khuuster January 25, 2008
girl that is easy to hook up with regardless of time....
ay nigga, hit up ole girl, ain't she some status?
by JimyaineTaine December 06, 2007
the ranking of how well you interact and flirt with girls.
my best friend's status jumped last night after the fun he had.
by John Hartley August 25, 2007
To have sexual hook-up or booty-call with a other person
::A guy is talkin to a girl and his friend come up and ask::
"you got status?"
by Pro-fes-i-nal October 20, 2003
of the utmost regardlessness
by Cheif September 29, 2003

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