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Women that lay still, almost lifeless, with arms and legs spread during missionary sex.
I fucked this bitch the other day who just starfished the entire time.
by WH0THEFUCKCARES April 02, 2011
114 95
Someone who is incompetent at the act of sex that they lie there like a star fish receiving it all but they never act upon it. No matter what their sexual orientation or gender. All they do is take, take, take. Oral, Anal but never give any, unless it will satisfy themself. They are usually premature and have small dicks, and have a lack of it...
James is such a starfish, he has no idea how fucking fantastic you are.
by Thisnomorebrokengirl October 10, 2012
26 13
to spread-eagle; extend; branch out.
The crime ring is starfishing far and wide.
by uttam maharjan March 27, 2012
23 13
When a mans balls grow back after loosing them from being in a relationship.
"My balls grew back after I broke up with Susie"

"Oh, you're a starfish"
by FIM December 22, 2013
2 0
a person who consistantly opens there legs for the opposite sex..
S.H:hey what did you do last night
A.H:went to a hotel with k's boy
S.H: your such a starfish!
by shane hutchings February 14, 2013
14 12
A sexual partner who is unresponsive to sex, this is not the same as rape. Essentially a lazy ass in the sack. Probably has a tiny penis.
"Who'd you lay last night?"


"Really? What was that like?"

"He was a total starfish, he didn't move at all, plus he had such a small penis I couldn't even feel it inside of me."
by monstars22 January 24, 2012
12 12
Verb; To confront someone with an accusation of their wrongdoing.

i.e. Be all up in their face like a starfish
"I think Salvadore is lying to us, i'm gonna call him and starfish him."

"I starfished Toni and she admitted she was wrong"
by orth2067 October 19, 2013
1 2