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When a lovely lady is booty dancing on the dance floor and the gentleman sticks his leg out and rotates it, grinding it up in the booty, giving him a "stanky leg"
After doing the stanky leg with a lovely lady, the gentleman realizes that his leg is actually stanky
by Reezy F July 25, 2010
To smoke weed, the ganja, the kushie kushie, the good stuff, the reefer
yo are you guys down to do the stanky leg
by phatballa27 January 09, 2010
a infection that is in your leg for not cleaning it. It is also one of the most horrible dances in the history of dances
person 1: WTF is a stanky leg
person 2: the most horrible dances ever made
person 1: ohh
by punchie-247 July 05, 2009
An awkward sexual move performed by rotating ones leg around a partner's in an attempt to shimmy it in.
by hairy whiskey May 01, 2010
When a man succeeds in sticking his whole leg into a woman's butthole.
"Last night Billy did the stanky leg with his girl"
"impressive, i gotta meet this chick"
by diarrhea mouth? December 29, 2009
a dance done to the song "stanky leg" that involves twisting your leg in a rotating position on your toes.

People on this website make it seem like a negative comment, but it is not about dogs, or periods, or anything like that. JUST A DANCE.
also, a very popular dance for boys powder puff competitions nation wide.
person 1: the stanky leg has a bad meaning"
person 2: no it doesnt!! its just a dance!! "do the stanky leg!"

person 1: OH haha i was WRONG.
by ilovetodancethestankyleg October 10, 2009
The smell of your leg when you shit your pants and it runs down your sock.
You smell that? Either that guy has been working barefoot in the fields all day or he's got a stanky leg.
by das64 September 04, 2009