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Kindhearted Soul - The sexiest man alive. If there is a God, he is God's gift to women. Definately the greastest kisser on the planet. A night spent with him will always be the greatest night of your life. He is said to know the contours of a womans body better than she does. *WARNING* Simply making eye contact with him may result in an orgasm on spot that's how amazing he is. If you have him, never let go. Loyal, hardworking, well hung, best friend.
Looking into Darrell's eyes will melt your heart
by darrelldidme February 04, 2010
1. Man whore of epic proportions. Will screw any woman with two legs.

2. A description of a certain part of the male anatomy.
girl #1: Did you see the size of that Darrell in his pants?
girl #2: I would like to ride that Darrell until he screams!
girl#1: I just love a big Darrell.
girl#2: Yep, the size of the Darrell matters!
by A big D August 09, 2008
One of the nicest guys I've ever met, he makes me act like myself and I treasure him so much... :3
I love you, Darrell~
Darrell is amazing *o*
by (´・ω・`) October 20, 2012
To re-heat a hot beverage.
I Darrelled my coffee instead of making another pot.
by 23Lexicon January 12, 2013
Darrell - is a poster child for abortions. It resembles a douchebag and smells like a used dildo shoved up an antelopes ass. Darrell is a very dark creature and can be easily mistaken for dog shit on the side of a road. Darrell's are known for fisting themselves for pleasure and regularly scream their mating call in public which is, " please find me a big black dick to sit on". The daily diet of a Darrell is ass hole, they consume 5 lbs of booty a day and lick ass crack like it's an ice cream cone. The most unique biological quality of a Darrell is it's extremely small penis, it's length is equivalent to an infants finger nail when fully erect. Darrell's tend to spend the majority of their time in their natural habitat which is Gay bars or garbage dumpsters, pretending to have self worth and creating the illusion that people care about them.
Jodi, a kind loving woman who helps everyone and everything found a stray Darrell in her garbage, she quickly remembered it was useless and killed it to put it out of it's pathetic misery.
by Raptorkiller416 October 14, 2014
chunky butt muncher, slaughters at call of duty, is way better than Stacey. not an alcoholic/simply drinks cause he is cool like that. Doesn't have an ulcer its a bad ass birth mark inside his stomach
Darrell rocks Stacey's face
by johnny the killer whale March 01, 2010
A name used to describe a sissy, submissive husband/boyfriend in rural parts of Canada. A “Darrell” enjoys/craves/needs to be put in sexually humiliating positions such as public cross-dressing, foot and anal worshipping, sexual teasing and denial, etc. A “Sissy Darrell” is attracted to those who are unfaithful, such as a “slut wife” or girlfriend and need to be totally controled by their partners. They dress as frilly and sissy as possible and feel the need to be subservient to both wife and their lovers, including oral. They expect no sexual gratuities from their partners except masturbation. Most are not allowed sexual contact other than oral.
“Look at the way that fucking little sissy Darrell lets his wife dress when she goes out.”
"Darrell loves to lick "his" wife when she gets home from a date."
Question; “Are you sure you husband won’t mind me going home with you?”

A; “No, it turns him on, he’s nothing but a Sissy Darrell."
by ahardwife April 14, 2010

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