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stanky leg

dance that makes you look stupid by the GS boyz

dance where you stick out your leg and rotate it around.
Hey, look at Lina doing the stanky leg dance.

It looks like Lina has a stanky leg.
by stanky leggg February 15, 2009
Stupid dance, performed mostly by tools who think it's the shit. Give it 6 months max before everyone realizes how moronic it is, if it's not outright forgotten because of the hype of the next shitty-ass throw-away dance move - the kind that will embarass your children in 20 years.
*Kid's 16th birthday party, cue music*

Boy: Omg, dad, wtf you doin?
Father: The Stanky Leg!
Boy: (dies inside from sheer humiliation)
by Kappu February 20, 2009
When a female does not take a shower for a couple of days and try's to fan the smell of her stanky vergina by shaking her leg.
I like to shake my stanky leg in the car with the windows up. It make the car smell like fish.
by HelpDesk jerk February 27, 2009
A dance which originated in Texas consisting of bending ones knees and rotating a leg like a jump rope. It is the lamest dance ever created.
Yo, you seen Darrell bustin dat Stanky Leg? He kilt dat shit!
by Funky Town February 20, 2009
Once again the young ones are doing something that they do not know what the meaning is, in the past (80's) when a couple used to dance toghether and the female became aroused the male ended up with a stinky Leg or in some situations when that time of the month ended on the males pants we call that the same, so next time you decide to dance something like this get informed first...Good Dancing.
Dancing with legs spread, for example the stanky leg
by Worlddancer April 10, 2009
A woman's or she-man's unwashed Vagina dripping sweaty,stanky,smelly gunk down one's leg.
Usually this odor can funktify an entire room or 100 ft radius.

A ridiculous dance that girls do to try to look sexy and cool.
Instead, they look like the little dirty whores they really are.
Can you believe those chicks, they are doing the stanky leg and now I have my doubts.
by Riverboat27 October 01, 2009
n. Supposedly a dance, but it is best known as great way to embarrass yourself on the dance floor.

Also, sadly, the probable future of hip-hop.
Smart person 1 "Look at that faggot doing the stanky leg over there."
Smart person 2 "I think he's trying to fan out the smell of his stanky vag."
by migga please May 05, 2009
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