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another way to say vagina
My vergina is tight.
by Trogdor June 03, 2003
55 25
A variation of the word "vagina", spoken in a thick southern U.S. accent.
Ted: Mmmmm-boy, Eustace.. that Susie sher haz one helluva vergina 'tween dem legs.

Eustace: Which wun's Susie? Rewind it fer me.
by Mero Collas April 22, 2009
18 8
1. A virgin vagina
2. A womans genital area that hasnt yet been penetrated
my mom doesnt have a virgina
by mel March 17, 2005
33 29
Brand of beer imported from Macedonia.
Let's go to Macedonia and drink some Vergina!
by Brad Carroll November 25, 2003
20 21
"vergina" often said by the infamous boddah` and is the ultimate source of the word vergina
"...well i still came out her vergina.."
by bodizzle August 06, 2004
11 14