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7 definitions by kalil

as in rich white folk terms- Oh No
Aw naw dawg these bitch ass niggaz don' jacked us for our shit again.
by kalil September 16, 2003
37 7
The term straight really is used for users/sellers of drugs. If the drug dealer is "straight" he has the product the client is looking for.
Ay, mike u straight?
Yeah cuz what u need?
by kalil March 04, 2005
23 13
fake thug gangsta
Don't be mad at me dawg that's all i know is to show these fugazees how it's s'posed to go.
by kalil December 12, 2003
47 43
a horribly disappointing rap group which had high expectations who was signed accidentally by p. diddy.
after releasing their first album "too hot for tv" everyone knew for sure da band sucked
by kalil December 05, 2003
20 21
weed,chronic, thangs of that nature
This one bitch ass kracka tried to buy some grren from me. Shit frontin actin like he ain't no damn op.
by kalil September 16, 2003
2 3
the smelly unshaven pubic area of a female
Cavea got dat stank dawg you don't want it.
by kalil September 16, 2003
9 16
A fat, long blunt that burns slowly that can cause the munchies like a muthafucka.
The other night me and my boo rolled a marley and got higher than a bitch.
by kalil March 04, 2005
155 257