Getting high by having too much fruit dipped in a chocolate fountain.
"I think you had too much chocolate..."
by perusingunicorn August 14, 2011
The act of sucking a mans genitalia and being so drunk that you throw up your drunken dunkin donuts all over his appendage.
Dude, Stacy just chunked on Logan's cockmeat at the house of guydance!!
by Those guys November 26, 2013
1)when you get blown to peices in gears of war 2

2)taking a shit
ex 1:"dude I just got chunked by the kid with the torque bow"

ex2:"yo man I gotta chunk a duce"
by mastapasta December 20, 2009
When a person excretes inside their clothes, so much so that chunks of poo are left

It can be used for banter purposes
Jonny: Oh mate, I've just chunked myself

Ed: Wow, that's just dirty! I bet you stink
by Jonny Chunky September 25, 2011
The explanation of the opposite sex's unattractive appearance.
Bob: Aye man would you do Rebecca?
Stan: Heck nah, she's chunked!
by kayduhb May 13, 2010
an adjective used to describe a person who is left speachless after an insult
man1: are we going riding yet ?
man3:what will i ride? my bike is in the shop getting repaired
man2: you can ride your mammaa!
man1: you just got chunked!
by crankie June 09, 2009
To shit.
I think I just chunked my pants!
by Anonymous July 19, 2003

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