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Harry Potter's Patronus

James Potter's Animagus

A wicked cool animal.
Harry thought his stag patronus was James Potter in the Prisoner of Askaban.
by CrossCountryFool15 May 07, 2011
144 112
Sluts that are going

Another word for hoes/thots
John: Yo I'm having a party tonight who should I invite?
Jamal: Call up the guys and some local stags
by Theors January 06, 2014
4 11
a straight-boy hag. the best friend of a gay man.
My stag Andrew went to the party with me last night. He's such a great wingman.
by fred2342342 February 04, 2011
31 46
To go to a formal dance without a date, an acronym for "Solo Tagging Along Girl"
Girl 1: Are you going to the dance with Johnny?
Girl 2: No! I'm going stag!
by JacqAttack06 April 12, 2007
158 174
Something that is lame; a "failure" or a bummer.

origin: short for 'stagnant'
"I accidentally left my wallet on the bus, that is so stag!"

"Bro, that pop quiz was totally stag"
by SwagnotStag October 10, 2011
24 44
Stroke that ass good
Person one: See Melina over there
Person two: Yeah I would totally STAG that
by wonder boydude November 26, 2011
16 38
1. A word that can be substituted for the word cool or hyphie but transcending them in its intensity.

2. "Single Tagging Along Girl" or going to a dance or other social event without a date.
1. Dude that sweater is soooo stag!

2. Going to a dance STAG is still pretty stag.
by AH and SA through MD November 12, 2007
12 37
A word created by Teddy and Emily. It can literally mean anything. It can be used as a noun, adjective, verb and/or adverb.
So I'm going to the dance STAG because being STAG at events is all the STAG in a social world where STAG is all the rage.

When I'm feeling sad I stop being sad and be STAG.

I'm STAGGING to the dance.

I STAGGED so hard last night at the dance.

Lets STAG tonight when we go to the party.
by CommyMan69 October 16, 2011
15 42