A penis that is really long and really skinny. The opposite of a chode.
That is the most hilarios stag ever.
by Mack Bradford April 25, 2008
A pixelated porn loop that was released in the 90's on the Commodore Amiga that pre pubescent boys loved to watch.
*Rakesh's sister sees Rakesh playing stag while jacking off on his Commodore Amiga"

Sister: What the hell are you doing?
Sister: I'm telling mom...
Rakesh: no dont, Ill let you watch...
Sister: ok

*Rakesh continues jacking his khrum*
by Zoo Keeper June 27, 2008
A Trinidad brewed beer.
"Stag a man's beer"
stag costs 10TT or 1.66 US
by ateam October 21, 2006
To guard. To watch over. A shift on guard.
It's your turn on stag.
by Olly August 30, 2003
a word used meaning "cigarette."
"I need a stag."
"Does anyone have any stags?"
"Let's go get some stags."
by amillerfhs09 June 10, 2008
Going to a party alone, after being dumped or having a fight.
"I could be dry-humping Marie Curie at prom instead of going... STAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!" - Gandhi
by matt November 22, 2004
A person who bitches out and complains about the situation daily. someone who doesn't take action
Oh man, that kid complained about that girl all night and never did anything about it. What a Stag!
by calboy September 23, 2009

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