A straight faggot
Wow those two guys who just hugged are such stags!
by Staggot7 February 07, 2010
A stag is an adjective used to describe anything you want. Another variation of stag is the Stagner Jump, which is a trendy cutting edge dance that incorporates body wiggling and jumping. Stagner can successfully be used as a substitute any word. Stag is the next big thing.
Stager can I?
Can I get a stagner?
I'm just staging around
Thats such a stagner move
by Annaliese Nicodemo May 21, 2008
another name for a mans penis when it is erected
then man got a big stag when he saw a hot chic
by jofes August 29, 2005
a local St Louis beer concocted form the shwag of many different brews.
This case of Stag only cost $6.50!
by Schlack June 02, 2005
1. n. A sophisticated practical joke. Typically, a well planned prank between friends.|| the ultimate burn. 2. v. To pull a stag or practical joke. 3. v.i. Stagged, stagging, stagger.
"Getting Brad to apologize for stagging the Marshalls when he didn't really do anything, was in itself, the ultimate stag"
by JnglKng April 14, 2005
(1). A female who has many gay (usually male) friends
(2). A female who likes to hang around gay (usually male) people

See hag
Im not gay, I just consider myself a stag;gays and lesbians are so much fun
by The One And Only...Rico May 23, 2005
a word used when in shock.
hey dude i just got laid!
STAG yo.
by sam heird November 18, 2003

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