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West Coast/ Bay Area's way of being crunk
This party is hyphie
by Chardai' February 26, 2005
1. the act of being very amped up.
2. the act of being crazy, pretty much the same as the first definition i gave.
"lets get hyphie in this bitch!"
"yaaee yaaee"
by smate February 16, 2005
like being crunk, but more having to do with being crazy and out of control; like hyper.
"Ah yo! we's gettin hyphie up in herr!"
by Suzanne March 17, 2005
Westcoast definition of the South's Crunk
I'm going to the club tonight, cuz last weekend it was hella hyphie!
by Chardai' February 16, 2005
in its original definition, hyphie is, in fact, a reference to being railed up on YAYO.

Keak the Sneak explains in the track "Super Hyphie":

In The Cut Alone Fuh Doin My Thizzle
Oohin, Drankin, Throwin Up The Huuuunnneeeeedddddssss!!!
Solo, But On The Low, My Buddy (My Buddy)
Doin Hella Shit At One Time
My Definition Of Hyphie Man Is Thizzin, Sniffin Lines
Im In Da Buildin And Im Feelin Like Yeeeeeeee!!!
by Tek43 March 24, 2006
You spelled "Hyphy" wrong. Try again stupid.
It's hyphy not "hyphie". Don't make a definition for a legitimate word and then spell it wrong. Idiot.
by !EDE! October 12, 2007
A name for a small, crazy, hyper dog.
Person 1: Ugh. The new neighbor's dog, Hyphie, is too energetic.
Person 2: I know, right? He barks too much too.
Person 1: Yeah, he does.
by Katt113 March 10, 2014
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