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One of the more prominent porn networks on the Internet.

It is home to Big Naturals and the infamous MILF Hunter websites.
Person 1: What are you doing tonight?

Person 2: I'm going to watch my Reality Kings videos while I punish the Bishop and smother him in Vaseline and A-1 steak sauce.

Person 1: You're such a porn addict.
#porn #porn addict #breasts #tits #titfucking #big 'ol tities #pornstar #pornstars #big tits #tit fuck #round tits
by iocaoo January 14, 2009
Porn website that claims to be "reality" yet is as fake as every other website out there.
Mike: "I hope I can get an invite to one of the Reality Kings sex parties when I get to California..."
Joe: " You dumbass, those aren't real parties; they're all porn actors!"
#porn #sex #website #fake #reailty
by cds333 November 20, 2014
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