A small-ass school is C'ville, Va where the Polo logo is everywhere, more than half of the kids rock the chron, and every middle/upper school parent is required to drive a Suburban or some other ridiculously large SUV to drop off their only child, also, the student parking lot is filled with much nicer cars than the faculty one
"Hey did your mom get a new Suburban?"
"Yeah the other one was getting to the 10K mark so we decided to trade it in"
by anon January 10, 2005
Eric Case
Eric stabbed me today, But apparently it was my fault according to him. "Maybe you shouldnt of swung your arm into my knife" says eric. I guess he's right, it was my fault, im a douche.
by nasty nancy June 02, 2004
A crude, racist asshole who thinks his own stupid, random, inside jokes that no one else but his gay friends get are hilarious. He probably also likes men.
Stabs skeeos in women's underware and has bad personnel hygeine.
by Krunch-o's November 28, 2003
1. Female masturbation. ie. with her fingers or a sex toy (such as dildo, vibrator)

2. Sexual intercourse.
Peita: I'd rather have a stab then go to bed.
by Fryhtanic August 09, 2004
Stupid Territorial Army Bastard

Created by idiot regular army squadies who think they're big and clever.
Squadie: Lads! Lads! We got us a STAB! HAHAHAHA!

TA Soldier: How about I show you the REAL meaning of STAB?
by JBF May 05, 2005
Smart Trendy Asian Bitch, like a tab but smart
I'd rather date a STAB but I'll settle for a TAB.
by pbateman November 13, 2004
something really fun to do to stuff that dont really matter to you. or some one who doesnt matter to you.
Me: hey Fag
Prep: what?
Prep:AAHHH omg you stabbed me. owie. im gonna die. NOO!!
Me: i stabbed you in the arm you gay dumass, your not gonna die. unfortunatly. (no offense to any prps out there) (i wouldnt kill you)
by orange March 12, 2005
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