a word used by the regular army to describe the T.A
abreiviation of "stupid teritorial army bastards"
also known as the S.A.S.A.S.A.S
(saturdays and sundays and sometimes after school)
look at them stabs, not one of them under 20 stone
by Mr flibble April 20, 2004
The term used for a girl you have previously had sex with.
I don't care if she's all over you. Don't mess with my stab.
by BTC77 April 05, 2010
having sex, the act of sexual intercourse
Yo When old girl come through she bout to let me get some stab.
by Mark Watts April 13, 2008
referring to things or events that are overly cool or awesome.
Dude, that concert was freakin' stab as hell.
by jewboyd August 13, 2007
to fuck over someone, an intentional or sometimes unintentional slip of the tongue, or the person performing the stab
Will the stab be in today?
by McIlhenny February 07, 2008
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