single summer, with no girlfriend
Hey man I want a ss because I'm sick of my girlfriend
by languisher May 14, 2007
Super Sport
The '66 Corvette SS, has a larger engine and higher torque
by B-deezee December 02, 2003
Super Stupid
I knew a chinese dude who went to Johns Hopkins and he was S.S.
by Dr J September 06, 2003
Stincky Snatch (noun) refers to a girl with a bacterial outbreak in the vagina.
That girl has a S.S.
by jesse wood August 29, 2003
ss (semi-smile) when somebody tells you something and it doesnt make you laugh. just kind of smile... which makes more sense than lol (laughing out loud)
Stan: i hurt my finger
Kyle: ss
Stan: why only ss?
Kyle: because it wasnt really that funny...
by tsapboy August 23, 2009
when a part of your body has a stain that looks
in the image of a piece of shit!shitstain
Brian Tapia has a ss shit stain on his face
by David laura September 03, 2007
Abbreviation for smoke sesh where one usually ascertains some herb and smokes it with friends. Can be used interchangeably as a verb and noun.
Billy:yo BRO wanna ss?
Bob:yea sure you got?

tina: lets have an ss
tom: alright my house BE THERE
by pawpcorn March 20, 2011

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