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Sperm Shooter, meaning a dude who shoots his jizz
Stay at least 5 ft away from that guy over there, he's a SS.
by hart and kel March 29, 2006
4 20

Used as a courtesy title for a man in an Italian-speaking area, equivalent to Mr

ss/// Mr.Pooh
by Miller W March 26, 2005
8 24
SS = Star Syndicate

a kickass assosciation of flash artists on Newgrounds with animators like eightstar vinstigator and many more. they submit dailytoons everyday and they are hilarious
The SS are the next Clock Crew...
by Newgrounder January 13, 2005
6 22
1. Spring Stoners, the only group of sane, respectful individuals that reside in Spring, TX. It consists of 8 dudes between ages 17-19, that smoke weed, party, and will fuck you up if you talk down. You can't fuck with this crew. Representation $420$
SS member 1: SS 420 bitch what the fuck
non SS member: Nothing man, I'm just getting gas leave me alone!
by CallMeAdamWest December 06, 2009
4 21
Slightly Smiling

An alternative to using lol when you're not actually laughing out loud. Can be used in a sarcastic way, although not exclusively, to emphasise the fact that the person is trying to be funny but has not really succeeded.

You can also use:

tsf - That's so Funny

tf - That's Funny
Jake: Why did the hedgehog cross the road?
Risa: dunno?
Jake: Because it was stapled to the chicken!
Risa ss
by Jake McMillan November 02, 2009
1 18
derived from African American Yahoo chat and means Sex slave
He does whatever I want. After, Tom is my SS.
by Estrogenfive July 09, 2006
32 49
Social Security = hand-out that many undesirable minorities sit around and wait for.
"Yo foo, I be waitin' for my SS AND my WF check so I can buy my kids some crack!"
by The Leader November 26, 2004
77 94