abreviation for seat stander, or a wheelie where you are standing up on your rear seat of your motorcycle
billy "did you just see that dude rockin an SS"
billy "that sucks... it was sick as hell"
by yabbadabbadoo August 30, 2008
special someone,status between friends and lovers, someone who take time to listen to your jokes, someone who lends you a shoulder when you are sleepy, someone who makes you irritable when she is not reacting. someone who often calls you as one of her relatives. someone who kisses you in a very amateur way.
ss i hope you find this, because i want to thank you.
by thrillbee July 17, 2008
Serial Shitter - The person who pollutes the toilets and leaves their shit behind!
you go into a public toilet and dear god "the ss has struck again"
by Jetcha January 30, 2008
SS otherwise known as Secret Stoners
Good shit man, i knowwwww maaaannnnnn - SS
by wdhsess January 24, 2007
Self Service - masturbation solo - without help.
I went to the local spa and it was strictly ss (self service)
by GQdenver July 09, 2006
meaning a secret slut, someone who doesnt appear to sleep around, but in fact they do .
man- she looks like a virgin
girl- no shes a SS
man- ohhhh
by hello matey 1 April 15, 2008
Refers to the Chevy Impala SS in rap songs, made in the 1960s.
We ridin 22's on that SS Impala.
by none October 16, 2003

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