ss stands for "similar structure"

There is an undeniable pattern occurring with girls from schools with high asian populations. Many girls, particularly asian ones, seem to have the notable "small and thin body frame" hence my friend & i have decided to call this group of similar, ununique girls "similar structure", ss for short. SS's are tend to be asian, and usually gather in groups. SS's are very hard to tell apart so to separate them you must find keen, precise semi-unique characteristics about them.

ie "chink" - chinky eyes.
ie "leader" probably the most valiant and stands out even though shes short, she is outspoken and sporty and catholic
ie "baby face" 16 years old but still looks like she is in the 5th grade, especially because she just got braces and when she wears her glasses

Along with their small body frame ss's have, but are not limited to, smarts, ap classes , school spirit, sports, soft voices.
My school is full of ss's =(

Dude ss average! right there!

So far as of May 27, we have named 15 ss's
by RandomGuy723 May 27, 2010
abreviation for seat stander, or a wheelie where you are standing up on your rear seat of your motorcycle
billy "did you just see that dude rockin an SS"
billy "that sucks... it was sick as hell"
by yabbadabbadoo August 30, 2008
special someone,status between friends and lovers, someone who take time to listen to your jokes, someone who lends you a shoulder when you are sleepy, someone who makes you irritable when she is not reacting. someone who often calls you as one of her relatives. someone who kisses you in a very amateur way.
ss i hope you find this, because i want to thank you.
by thrillbee July 17, 2008
meaning a secret slut, someone who doesnt appear to sleep around, but in fact they do .
man- she looks like a virgin
girl- no shes a SS
man- ohhhh
by hello matey 1 April 15, 2008
Standard Swallow, British motorsport company founded by Sir William Lyons in 1927. In 1936, made the SS100, a top sports car of the day. After world war two, obviious political reasons warranted a change of name to Jaguar.
A Jaguar SS100.
by Gumba Gumba March 26, 2004
The high end Holden Commodore, with a big 5.7L Chevy GenIII V8, sports kit, and 17" wheels.
Check out that new SS! It rocks!
by Holdens rock September 12, 2003

Nazi Germany's most powerful military force, and also Hitler's prefered guard. They had their own ranking system as well.
"SS also means Secret Service, but that's in America. And NO, the Secret Service is NOTHING like the nazis. Now stop bashing our country! Our country receives enough hatred every few decades, now we receive hatred everyday! >.< sometimes it pisses me off so much that I don't know what to do! >.< "
by Dave March 26, 2004

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