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Standard Swallow, British motorsport company founded by Sir William Lyons in 1927. In 1936, made the SS100, a top sports car of the day. After world war two, obviious political reasons warranted a change of name to Jaguar.
A Jaguar SS100.
by Gumba Gumba March 26, 2004
6 18
Refers to the Chevy Impala SS in rap songs, made in the 1960s.
We ridin 22's on that SS Impala.
by none October 16, 2003
20 32
ss= smiled slightly
used instead of LOL
AMY: I got chased by a deer!!
MIKE: ss!!!!!!!!!
by MR HAPPY :-) October 17, 2009
1 14
Refers to a Sober Sitter, or someone who watches over somebody intoxicated with an extremely potent psychoactive drug to prevent them from harming themselves or breaking things by accident.
Yo I really wanna try Jimson Weed, will you be my SS?
Yeah, I guess I owe you for that time you were my SS when I smoked Salvia. That was wicked, eh?
Hell yeah.
by N8Duff August 16, 2008
3 16
suicide silence the band
xscenextradegyx: dude omg xdropxdeadxgorgeousx iz so awesomexx!!
guy into deathcore: lol ddg sukz listen to sum ss...oh and go kill yourself
by mikemmmm May 30, 2008
3 16
Shower Sex. Self explanatory.
Yesterday Tom had a shower beer while he and his wife had SS .
by xXpiggyXx May 11, 2008
4 17
A Southern Slut, or a slut originating from the southern United States.
Derek: "Hey bro, check out that chick!! Shes a total dime!"

Evan: "Yea bro, definitely an SS!!"

Derek: "True dat!"
by KaoticG December 05, 2007
3 16