To passionately tongue kiss. Only appropriate between two deeply connected individuals. Absolutely prohibited for one-night stands and recently attached couples.
It was a brisk fall day....the wind was blowing just enough to chill the air. Our bodies were pressed together....we looked into each others' eyes and felt at peace. We couldn't stand not touching....we moved closer and closer and finally squooshed.
by Stephanie & Terrill December 11, 2006
Top Definition
The red/blue bunny-like creature in AFI's "Girls Not Grey" music video.
Hey! Squoosh just went through Jade's crotch portal!
by Lemony Snuffdit August 04, 2006
The extra skin on your elbow. Also known as your wenus.
You have a lot of squoosh.
I want to pinch your squoosh so bad!
by Zuma August 29, 2006
to squoosh(Sk-woo-shh) : the action made in which a persons cheek is grabbed by someones index finger and thumb and moved in a waves like manor. mostly seen done on babies, small children and cute people
*old woman* 'aww look at the cute baby, i'll just squoosh his face'

*Girl* Aww babe you're adorable; Ima squoosh you :)
by fnrrkkkk April 08, 2010
To push downwards creating something flatter and wider. Has negative connotation.

Note: Something can be squishy, but not squooshy.
Sally squooshed the sandwich after she sat softly on its surface.
by Sara and Manda August 31, 2005
"Squoosh" is said to be the name of the rabbit creature in AFI's(A Fire Inside's) video, 'Girls Not Grey'. "Squoosh" is blue and red.
I love Squoosh, it looks so cuddly.
by Sadei August 30, 2006
Queef-like squishing sound of a penis penetrating a slippery, moist vagina.
You know it's good pussy when you make it squoosh.
by EyeCuntEven April 29, 2015

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