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A guy who loves to catch a girls nut....who is skinny and sometime annoying
Who is that Squirrel chewing on the earth's nuts
by Coco and honey October 03, 2010
0 2
n. In opposition to the "Beaver".
Hair on and around the anus and taint region of a man where the hair above the anus would be the "tail" and the hair on the scrotum would be "a mouth full of nuts".
My husband was drying his legs after showering when i walked in. He sure did flash me the squirrel.
by Daggermouth July 06, 2010
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Somebody who adheres to L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology writings but doesn't go through the Church of Scientology when doing so. They either practice scientology on their own or in other groups.
The Church of Scientology considers (fill in group here) to be a squirrel organization.
by 2182 September 27, 2009
1 3
A derogatory statement to describe the females of our species.
"You see that lady over there, don't talk to her, that's my squirrel!"
"I call dibs on all the squirrels in this bar."
"Why are you eyeballing my girlfriend? That's my squirrel bitch."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008
6 8
Term used as a noun or verb to describe a person, or the actions of a person, who is totally unreliable.
i.e. a flake
Mike, where were you the other night?! You totally squirreled! You were supposed to meet us at the bar!
by TheJake67 September 29, 2008
2 4
A fuzzy woodland creature that happens to be horny all the time, so watch out if you happen to pass by one while you're alone. These horny bastards don't descriminate against gender, so everyone has to keep an eye out. Oh, and in other cultures their other name is "Alex"
-Dude, I need to go take a piss

-Hurry up man, oh, and watch out for those squirrels

-You mean an 'Alex'?
by Nattie Nightmare July 19, 2008
1 3
A nickname for the animal-looking toupee on a guys head. It becomes the guy's nickname when he's a prick even though he's wearing a toupee.
I wonder if the Squirrel is being "cool" at the Kerryman tonight?
by hlsulliv April 21, 2008
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