A fuzzy woodland creature that happens to be horny all the time, so watch out if you happen to pass by one while you're alone. These horny bastards don't descriminate against gender, so everyone has to keep an eye out. Oh, and in other cultures their other name is "Alex"
-Dude, I need to go take a piss

-Hurry up man, oh, and watch out for those squirrels

-You mean an 'Alex'?
by Nattie Nightmare July 19, 2008
A nickname for the animal-looking toupee on a guys head. It becomes the guy's nickname when he's a prick even though he's wearing a toupee.
I wonder if the Squirrel is being "cool" at the Kerryman tonight?
by hlsulliv April 21, 2008
Something that a person calls when they dont want their friends to hit on them.

to call 'dibs' on a person that you are attracted to.
a fine girl or buy.

that girl is fine. SQUIRREL!!

Brad hit on the girl i liked...he's a total squirrel scammer.
by rachelarriaga April 03, 2008
A hyper-active little man that is always alert and anxious.
Dave chill out you squirrel. If you don't relax I'll beat your ass.
by willbilly712 March 20, 2008
a really cute girl thats always on your nuts, hence the term squirrel.
generally these girls arent slutty but when they see a guy they like they will constantly be on there nuts.
damn that squirrel at school is fine as hell.
by mac_money July 27, 2007
A female human who chases after some guys nuts; female who wants to have sex with you.
Me: Dude, Taylor is a total squirrel for Jose.
You: Oh shit, you're right!
Together: SQUIRREL!!
by McWims November 06, 2006
arboreal rodent. completely insane. only emotions: neutral, terrified, enraged. males testicles sometimes swell to outrageous proportions. outliving and outnumbering the human race.
Jesus, did you see eggpress the squirrel on the fence today? His testicles are the size of baseballs! They just keep growing!
The squirrel left turdlinks and nutshells all over the place with no regard to sanitation.
I chose to run over the family so to avoid the squirrel crossing the road. I am glad the squirrel was able to cross safely.
by eggpress August 07, 2006
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