The fight between yoda and the old senetor/emperor guy from star wars episode 3.
at target there was a toy pack that included yoda,old guy and those white trooper guys with plastic armor called the squirmish of the senate pack.
by baka kuso yaro April 04, 2011
Top Definition
Either the U.S. military intervention in Libya, March 2011, or what happens when two worms get into a fight.
Sarah Palin: I haven't heard the President say that we are at war, and that's why I too am not knowing, do we use the term 'intervention'? Do we use 'war'? Do we use 'squirmish'? What is it?

Jon Stewart: Squirmish, huh? Well, that's either some sophisticated foreign policy analysis or what happens when worms get into a fight.
by HendrikVonDresden March 30, 2011

1. When worms have a fight.

2. When Sarah Palin doesn't know a word most third graders get right on their English Vocabulary test.
1. The squirmish was bloody victory for the larger worm, with many hearts lost on both sides. The loser dried into a crust on the sidewalk, where it was idly picked at by a bird.

2. Sarah Palin: "I haven't heard the president state that we're at war. That's why I too am not knowing - do we use the term intervention? Do we use war? Do we use squirmish? What is it?"
by Heligoland43 April 01, 2011
A skirmish that makes Tea Partiers squeamish.
Sarah Palin was wondering if the situation in Libya was a war, or a squirmish.
by cryingprunes March 29, 2011
A foreign conflict which cannot be labelled easily as a war or intervention.
The ex-governor of the cold, northern, non-contiguous state questioned whether the United States might be involved in a squirmish in Libya.
by Pierre Boulez March 30, 2011
The word Sarah Palin confused with the word skirmish.
Sarah Palin was confused as to whether the action taken in Libya is an attack or a squirmish.
by S Boss March 30, 2011
A. A sophisticated foreign policy analysis.

B. What happens when worms get into a fight.
"Squirmish, huh? Well, that's either some sophisticated foreign policy analysis, or what happens when worms get into a fight." - Jon Stewart
by Beps March 30, 2011
The esteemed half term Governor Sarah Palin created a new word for the American lexicon during an unsuccessful attempt to discredit U.S. President Barack Obama.

When the words squeamish and skirmish are combined, squirmish is born. A squirmish occurs when one party engages in a fight with another, but with fear, reserve, or lack of enthusiasm instead of bravado, possibly inferring a lack of courage.

Using the word squirmish can be in and of itself a squirmish. For instance, instead of coming out and calling Pres. Obama a coward, Palin used an inference of cowardice, thereby demonstrating what a half-assed attack can look like, and thus a squirmish.
It was just a squirmish, Sarah didn't want to muss her hair-do.
by effusing March 30, 2011

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