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Squeezing and pinching at the same time while taking a huge hairy dump to compress it so that it doesn't rip your asshole on the way out.
The pain made me squinch just in time, or I would have had to get a chopstick to dig that turd out.
by Rusty616 November 11, 2006
946 74
when you are tightening up your butt & gravy leaks out
Dan: "God, please...Jesus, please let me make it to the restroom!"(as Dan races towards the restroom, he squinches his butt) "OOPS, I feel gravy!"
by truckintim12 November 16, 2012
241 46
To narrow the distance between your lower eyelid and your pupil.
While being photographed by the paparazzi Brad Pitt threw in a squinch.
by Squinchmeister November 27, 2013
128 15
When you scrunch your face
"Upon his massive explosion of warm splooge that hit her directly in the eye, she was forced to squinch"
by Chosen 0ne May 22, 2013
1 4
When you squeeze and pinch something or someone. squeeze + pinch = squinch.
Seeing a baby with fat cheeks makes me want to squinch them.
by sassygirl40 May 14, 2012
1 5
to pull a trigger on a gun.
Dude don't squinch me.

Colonel do we need to squinch when we see the enemy?

I squinch to the sky on New Year's Day.

Why do all haters gotta squinch at you when you doin good.
by elplankto1 January 29, 2011
5 16
1. To crumble and tighten your toes together so as to pick up objects with your toes or to disturb another person deeply.
"I squinched Claire's upper thigh because she was annoying me. She cried"
by Hansel Shmi January 19, 2010
2 13