A sexual turnoff, particularly when watching porn or reading erotica.
Farmer Bob brought over his stash of porn, but I could barely watch any of it because bestiality is a squibb of mine.
by Tfghey January 20, 2009
Top Definition
UK usage
A small detonator, either used to trigger a larger explosion or to simulate gunfire in TV and films.
Term originate from the cornish word 'Shibd'.
The charge is in place, now I just need to set the squibb and then we can blow the fucker.
by black flag June 14, 2004
An abstract mutable term that takes its meaning from a given context.
Dude, you totally squibbed on that joint.
Relax, man, you're all squibbed out.
We were just, y'know, squibbing and stuff.
by Mercooshio August 18, 2003
A highly lubricated turd that slides out of the anus with turd juice either before, while or after. A very runny turd, but not a succession of runny turds.
After a good night out drinking with his mates, Jimmy had the squibbs. This thoroughly flushed out his system.

Jimmy laughed so hard he managed to create squibbs in his trousers. Jimmy was embarrassed.
by Runny Turd October 20, 2010
Similar to 'nice' as in: I've got an A for my test.' 'Nice, man.' it can also be used to cover accidental physical contact as a random action with no real meaning behind it. This is supposed to make the situation less awkward

2: softly hitting someone, then pull through, uttering 'squibb'
A: Man, it's really hot outside. Wanna go grab some ice cream?
B: Squibb.

2: *you get pushed from the side into a friend walking next to you*

" Squibb "
by Delivery God - I bring stuff March 05, 2014
A cynical female teacher, who steals clocks.
It's my clock dammit!

Just get out.
by Chris Pye March 08, 2005
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