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Something that is very rare in today's world. A gentleman is a man (yes, folks, a MAN) who will normally open doors for a lady and generally be quite nice and polite.
Wow, he's ACTUALLY a gentleman! I'm surprised...
by Manda December 07, 2003
getting some; having sex
I met this girl at a party last night and got laid.
by manda March 21, 2005
a derogative term used in conversation that u either a) cant be bothered getting involved with b) do not understand OR c) have no relative input towards
a) i have a boil the size of russia...
"so does ya mum"

b) the root of 4980923 squared becomes a positive indice when u cube it and times it to the negative power of 4...
"ya mum"

c) my wardrobe is pink
"ya mum"
by manda August 23, 2003
a gurl who runs trains, a nasty ho
git da fuck outta ma face u nasty ass BUSTO!
by manda March 31, 2004
A girl who got cum stuck in her windpipe while giving head.
Sure was a shame about blow job betty.
by Manda July 21, 2004
Someone who is a dropkick, brain dead, horny,pervert,loser who needs to be put down.
Oh my god you are such a Rusell
by Manda July 07, 2003
Mongo as in "humongous". Used to describe something extremely large or important.
I have a mongo test tomorrow.
by Manda February 09, 2005
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