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a straight-laced or boring homosexual.
he's too squeer to enjoy a john waters film.
#square #queer #tool #yuppie #guppie #aberzombie
by nancy pearl necklace September 25, 2007
Both square and queer at the same time.
Oh my god, look at that turtleneck he's wearing, it's so squeer.
by aegiswings June 09, 2005
A straight queer. Someone who identifies as both straight and queer, often due to being attracted to the opposite gender only or mostly, but who's friends and/or family and themselves are heavily involved in the queer community, making a large part of their identity queer regardless of their sexual orientation.
Jaimie: What does squeer mean?

Taylor: Oh I'm a squeer! I'm basically straight, but most people I like and hang out with are gay, so I am queer too, even though I'm straight.

Jaimie: Isn't that like an ally?

Taylor: Not really, cause an ally is just someone who accepts the queer community but doesn't actually identify with it. Squeers identify as a part of the queer community, as belonging more with queers than with straights.

Jaimie: Well if you're straight and queer, aren't you just bisexual?

Taylor: No I have a lot of trouble being attracted to my own gender, even if I try. I'm definitly just straight, but when people say I'm not queer or don't belong in the rainbow community, that bother me, cause I am queer. My life surrounds gay people, Pride, rainbow conferences, volunteering with queer organizations, etc. Being queer is part of who I am.

Jaimie: That's so cool! So you're a squeer! Like a straight queer.

Taylor: Yup!
#straight #queer #identity #sexual orientation #ally
by RightTwoLove June 12, 2010
A person who is sexually attracted to both males and females.
I'm squeer as hell, but I wouldn't have sex with Kermit *or* Miss Piggy.
#bisexual #pansexual #gay #straight #bi
by Professor Boooooooty February 06, 2009
A screaming queer, the overblown stereotype of a homosexual male.
Mike is such a Squeer. What a fucking diva.
by StevenO July 31, 2005
People with big or square heads who are gay
Sharma is squeer
#queer #square #gay #bent #adjective
by Boy with an lg April 24, 2010
a person that is 3 quarters homosexual and 1 quarter straight, though will only realize this once tried a sport, after apologizing for being called names rejects social activity
mr x- man your so anoiying shut up

mr s- im sorry for being anoiying but do u really think i am? :(

mr x- dude why are u being such a squeerosexual, how do expect to play sports.

mr s- hey, do you hate me?
#sqeerosexual #sqeer #squeer #unstraight #apologetic
by sqeerosexual November 26, 2009
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