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A straight queer. Someone who identifies as both straight and queer, often due to being attracted to the opposite gender only or mostly, but who's friends and/or family and themselves are heavily involved in the queer community, making a large part of their identity queer regardless of their sexual orientation.
Jaimie: What does squeer mean?

Taylor: Oh I'm a squeer! I'm basically straight, but most people I like and hang out with are gay, so I am queer too, even though I'm straight.

Jaimie: Isn't that like an ally?

Taylor: Not really, cause an ally is just someone who accepts the queer community but doesn't actually identify with it. Squeers identify as a part of the queer community, as belonging more with queers than with straights.

Jaimie: Well if you're straight and queer, aren't you just bisexual?

Taylor: No I have a lot of trouble being attracted to my own gender, even if I try. I'm definitly just straight, but when people say I'm not queer or don't belong in the rainbow community, that bother me, cause I am queer. My life surrounds gay people, Pride, rainbow conferences, volunteering with queer organizations, etc. Being queer is part of who I am.

Jaimie: That's so cool! So you're a squeer! Like a straight queer.

Taylor: Yup!
by RightTwoLove June 12, 2010

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