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1. noun: A moist, violent, noisy, explosive bowel movement.
2. verb: to have a moist, violent, noisy, explosive bowel movement.
1. I think this next shit is going to be a squamp.
2. I squamped so hard it splashed back up onto me.
by Squamper August 21, 2007
A type of girl, Generally that you hate at work, who looks like a washed out whore. Generally has bad skin covered up be even worse make-up. Girl who thinks she is gods gift to men.(But really isnt at all)
Jakki is such a SQUAMP!!!
by SlickSista August 04, 2006
Squamp: (skwomp) verb; the act of holding in or clenching a flatulent expulsion while receiving oral sex. Holding in a fart while getting a blow job.
Billy ate a bucket of beans and later had to squamp when Julie went down on him.
by Zoomzoompow May 30, 2011
1. A clogged toilet.
2. A bad situation.
3. To beat; to kill.
1. Dude, there's a squamp in there.
2. Code Red! It's a squamp!
3. I squamped 'em.
by Pete January 19, 2004

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