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The extra skin that shows above the pant line when a female wears pants that are too tight.
Eww, look at that chick, She has pre crack back ass fat.
by SlickSista August 05, 2006
Literally Means Slut In Training.
Hey B Theres a fresh SIT for you
by SlickSista August 05, 2006
A Hoodstank is a darkened urban area, where prostitutes
gather with clientelle. Hood>Stank(fowl sex smell).
A Hoodstank can also be in a motel.ie The Richmond.
Yo what are you sayin?
Ima flip the bitch at the Hoodstank.
by SlickSista August 21, 2006
An infromal second name for the male genitalia. Often a woman's vagina is refered to as an insulting second name so a Jiz Stick is a womans perspective on exactly what a mans penis is.
Get you bloody jiz stick away from me you pig.
by SlickSista August 02, 2006
A type of girl whom think that she runs shit. Generally refers to herself as a nice serene type of girl, but is really a cocky beotch!!
Woah; Your really a jakkibitch.
by SlickSista August 05, 2006
A type of girl, Generally that you hate at work, who looks like a washed out whore. Generally has bad skin covered up be even worse make-up. Girl who thinks she is gods gift to men.(But really isnt at all)
Jakki is such a SQUAMP!!!
by SlickSista August 04, 2006

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