A Street version of Ping Pong where four or more players compete for combo points. Usually has two net players per team and 1 back player. Combo's are scored by best tricks and combo's.
Squaffle at Radders house?
by aliw May 07, 2007
Top Definition
A squirrel cooked in a waffle-iron. A delicacy originating in hartford Connecticut. Squaffle can also refer to any type of small, common, urban wildlife (e.g. a Pigeon) cooked on a waffle-iron.
May I have some of your squaffle? It looks delicious.

I tend to prefer rodents rather than birds in my squaffle
by jabber.on April 10, 2010
The bodily excretions formed due to heat, between the thighs of an extremly overweight person.
1. Can you smell the squaffle on that! (as the desciber points to an extremly obese person).
2. That person is a squaffler.
3. Squaffleitis. The medical condition that causes squaffle.
by Music Talks August 11, 2007
A mix between a squabble and a quarrel.
Janine and Tim had a squffle about the pancake syrup.
by Daniel September 10, 2004
A cross between a squirrel and a waffle. They show symptoms of rabies, and stalk people with a gaint fork if one steals their marshmellows. When mixed with sulferic dioxide, they tend to explode. These buggers were first discovered by crazy arse art students, after sightings of the swopher.
Dude, you better watch out, or I'll set my squaffle minions on you.
by Hibyrd May 29, 2005
A squaffle is an attempt to excrete methane gas out of the anal sphincter in secret. Upon being discovered, if the fart remains unclaimed by said squaffler, it is known as a squaffle.

An assumption that someone farted.
Who squaffled?

Yeah I was with her last night and totally had a squaffle. She is still trying to figure out what that smell was.

Dude, I'm pretty sure my girl squaffled last night.
by Lil popcorn popper June 14, 2016
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