An insult offending ones lack of ability to grow facial hair. When a subject lacks the ability to grow facial hair, it is often an indication to their age.
Don't give that boy a cup of beer; he's only a Squab.
by Clemm January 09, 2006
to take, get, or borrow
Hey Tom, do you mind if I squab your shirt for a few days?

I'm going to squab some food from McDonalds.
by infomuze May 30, 2005
a form of squirrel/chipmunk/person.. a name u call some1, very cute and smiley!
ur such a squab
stop being a squab
u little squab
look at that squab
by salloot May 12, 2003
Flaming homosexual male. Supergay. Only ever used in one word exclamation when gaydar goes off. Can be elongated to emphasize just how flaming someone is. Inspired by a funny Two and a Half Men episode (it had nothing to do with gay people).
by Chris Mammarelli August 24, 2005
"hey man, can i bum a squab?"
by lauren September 01, 2003
sexual climax - also used to end conversation with an exclamation when talking to a friend. Often accompanied by the participants clashing the knuckles of each others closed fists.
"You were cool, man. Squab!"
(greeting) - "Dude, squab!"
by Jamie Henderson July 19, 2003
A boogar.
She had a squab in her nose.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003

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