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1 definition by MVortex

A 'Squab' or 'Squabbing' is the act of condescension toward the body part of another, usually the upper forearm.

It originated from the movements of the Bolivia Bug, this is then reciprocated upon the arm producing a sensation of great irritation and violation.

As a word, it is also an incredibly mild compliment, literally just tipping the balance in favor of compliment over insult.

Caution: Extended Squabbing can lead to nausea and in extreme cases, lack of masculinity.

Also note, pronounced skwubbed similar to squat.

Not to be confused with squab, or the young pigeon.
Person A: *Upon being squabbed* Stop Squabbing me, it feels so wrong!

"Squab you!"

"I feel Squabbish"
by MVortex December 01, 2011
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