The act of forcing another person to have a pointless or unecisary conversation for an inapropriate amount of time. Usualy for the "squabers" entertainment.
Ya girl across the street saw me get out of my car and squabed me hella hard.
by matic1989 April 28, 2010
Squabs are similiar to skills but are specifically picking up chicks and boardriding skills. Also can mean cojones or props if used in different context. For the record this term was coined by my cousin Jesse from nebraska when we were taggin' some waves in cali a couple summers ago.
"Dude check out Julio, that brah's got mad squabs."
or "Dude, I can't believe you tagged Natalie. Squabs bro."
or "You better have some serious squabs if you even wanna try surfing pipe."
by WildBill April 04, 2006
A small child. Typically one that runs around the playgroud aimlessly.
Hey look at all those stupid squabs playing 4 square!!

Go eat your Girl Scout Cookies stupid Squabs!!
by pelliott10 March 23, 2011
A bag of shit that is set on fire that proceeds to be fucked.
I was horny so I rubbed off a squab. By the time I blew my load I was over this guy named Ageless Supermans face. I guess I rubbed a squab off on him.
by SQUABMAN November 14, 2010
A baby pigeon up to 28 days old and not have a flight yet, mostly raised for gastronomic reasons.
I need six squabs to cook for the guests.
by Deniz Ogut April 23, 2005
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