To be so totally and complete enthralled by someone to the point that you develop tunnel-vision. All you want to do is be with that person; every second of everyday. Every thought, plan and idea includes or is centered around that person. You would do anything, go anywhere, and be every fool for that person. Some will even step outside of character or let all guards and barriers down just to make them happy; but you will feel it is worth it. As far as you are concerned, no one else in the world exists except for you and that person.
Ever since we first laid eyes on one another, I can't think about anything or anyone else. All I want is to be near him. I am so Sprung!
#whipped #done #soft #obsessed #wide open
by Da1stMrsMitchell March 01, 2012
the sad state of aging underwear when the 'elastic' goes 'bad', and the said 'pair' no longer caresses 'prime parts' effectively. 'the changing of the guard', the metamorphosis of underwear into its' afterlife as a RAG!!
i better toss these 'pants' into the rag bag!, this shit be sprung, jack!

she told him to just cut off her 'pants'!, saying they were sprung anyway!

these 'pants' are sprung!, i throw them into the 'bage' can!

gone 'dump' these sprung 'pants' n' get me some new $20 a pair designer specials!!

he caught her/him wearing sprung 'pants'. and cut them off with his knife to gain entry to 'prime parts'!
#cotton #fruit of the womb #crusty #poly sweats #breatheability #scary underwear #crud-encrusted #skid-mark #buttle kotex
by michael foolsley November 12, 2013
Often confused with obsession, this is a state of being beyond obsession: this is pure, unadulturated desire. When sprung, you often lose sleep thinking about the person, longing for his touch, his body, his scent. You know that he dooesn't want you anymore, but the slightest chance that he MIGHT someday want you,keeps you crawling back to him.
It is a step short of demonic possession.
"And why am I still lying here in the bed were you stayed for four days, inhaling your cologne, wrapping myself in the sheets that caressed your body, longing for your presence?
Because I’m sprung, that’s why.
Desperately fallen. Enraptured by your unattainable beauty. You are my last desire and I feel like I must drink of you or die."- from an essay called Sprung
#desire #possession #obsession #puppy love #slave #free
by Jalyssa January 12, 2007
The way a boy from the ville feels about a girl from roxboro.
Say your sprung so I know it's real
#love #happy #joy #romantic #whipped
by JWUambition January 10, 2012
Noun.(sperun-jh) a deep body piercing placed between the chin and the throat. very rare placement as it interferes with the salivary glands under the tongue and may take years to heal. also known as mandible piercing or deep oral piercing.
gross! your sprung is leaking spit onto your chin!
#piercing #spit #sprunge #mandible #chin #jaw
by harlyquin November 18, 2009
spruhng verb. To prevent a bro from getting any sexual action in hopes of you getting the sexual action from the same girl yourself.
I just got cock-blocked by my own bro, he's still over there flirting with her as we speak! No, you just got Sprunged.
#cock-blocked #game-killer #clam-jack #twat-block #douchebag
by SavannahBlackOut March 09, 2010
1. Verb To fracture and/or sprain. Injury almost universally self-resolves with application of an ACE bandage.
I was boxin a few weeks ago an sprung my arm. Put an ACE on it tho and it was straight.
#fracture #sprain #injure #break #hurt
by HUPOR4LIFE August 16, 2007
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