to get caught doing something you shouldn't, drinking or with your best freinds girlfriend to name two
i got sprung completly rat arsed and on top of daves missus last night
by bob1128 December 07, 2005
being wound up wrapped tightly around someone's finger...fully manipulated.
my kid has me so sprung i will do anything for him.
by NotSoSure May 18, 2005
The state of being totally and completely mesmerized by good pussy – being sprung is to be spellbound and irrational, being lead by the tha pussy like a helpless little puppy loosing all ability to think and operate as a normal male. The cure for Male Chauvinism – being sprung is spending all your money on her, signing over your check to her, and worst of all you are that guy spotted in the mall holding her purse and carrying hella bags of stuff purchased with your money. The state of being sprung is Kryptonite to a pimp.
Hopelessly and helplessly in love with a woman for no real reason except her pussy and you will do anything and spend anything to keep that connection with her pussy, and if you have the slightest idea you were going to loose that pussy you would loose your mind.
Damn son – she got you sprung yo!
Yo dum azz is addicted to her pussy the same way a crack feen is addicted to crack, which in actuality also makes you a CRACK feen.
by Bo London November 24, 2004
When your dick get's a hard on by looking at a girl who's so hot your imagining her getting f-cked by your big ass dick, while she has one hell of an orgasm.
1.Girl "So do you go on blind date's much?"
Guy "Damn Bitch, Your so fucking hot I just want to tap that ass so hard you won't be able to walk."
Random Guy "Oh shit! That Guy bee Sprung!"
by DontbeHatin April 28, 2005
A woman's genitalia being sexually aroused, i.e becoming hardened and stiffened.
You got me sprung and i dont care who sees!
by Cuntus March 09, 2006
The act of a guy getting turned on. Referring to the dick "springing" into action.

After that Kiss from Liz I was SPRUNG!
by D March 09, 2003
The act of becoming sexually excited
Damn!! When I walked up to that girl and said "Hi, I'm Jack Me'Hoff, whats your name?" She got sooo sprung, she started jackin me off right then and there!!
by nympho3 May 25, 2005
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