Often confused with obsession, this is a state of being beyond obsession: this is pure, unadulturated desire. When sprung, you often lose sleep thinking about the person, longing for his touch, his body, his scent. You know that he doesn't want you anymore, but the slightest chance that he MIGHT someday want you,keeps you crawling back to him.
It is a step short of demonic possession.
"And why am I still lying here in the bed were you stayed for four days, inhaling your cologne, wrapping myself in the sheets that caressed your body, longing for your presence?
Because I’m sprung, that’s why.
Desperately fallen. Enraptured by your unattainable beauty. You are my last desire and I feel like I must drink of you or die."- from an essay called Sprung
by Jalyssa January 14, 2007
1. The state of being very attracted to a person, obsession often mistaken for love.

2. Can also refer to a guy having an erection, meaning his male reproductive organ 'springing'.
That boy got me sprung! I'm so crazy 'bout him!

Yo, me n Liz was dancing and man, she got me sprung!
by FemmexFatale November 05, 2005
Being in love with someone in such a way that they are all you think about
I love this chick i never really paid attention to her in middle school but now that im a senior n she a junior love has kicked in. Although she has a boyfriend i feel something for her that causes me to wait patiently. No i feel no jealousy just a hurt to know i had the opportunity to tell her n was to shy to take the chance.I dream about her every night n getting to see her in the halls makes my day. I wish she truly knew how much i really love her despite the fact that soemone else has her heart. Id wish she call me instead of him n talk for long hours on the phone. But i guess for now the only thing o have is a sprung feeling for her.
by Jaqueen2010 January 06, 2010
When a person is always on your mind, when ur not in a relationship wit that person and u end up fallin in love wit them and you'll do things that a boyfriend or girlfriend would do.
Gabriel" Hate to say it..."
Waverly: "say it already !"
Gabriel: "I miss her"
Waverly: "It's ok to be sprung off of Imani she got u doing things that you'll never do"
Gabriel:"G.I Jooeee"
by Waverly&+Imani July 29, 2008
adj. when your dick sprung out; boner; sexually aroused by someone; turned on
SIR MIX-A-LOT: When a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung.
by John T. Windhouser September 10, 2011
Sprung means you have a erection. Sir Mixalot "ILike Big Butts" he says "when a girls walks in with an itty bitty thing, you get sprung."
Seeing her in that bikini got me sprung.
by Anragar1 November 03, 2012
Sprung is when your crazy in love with the person. When your every day is based on this person, when your mood depends on how your doing with this person and you just simply refuse to go on without them. When you would completely sacrifice it all for their hapiness and for their love. When you try your hardest to keep that smile on their face, when with just an I Love You warms up your heart and fills it with love. when you're afraid to let go. when you wake up every morning thinking of them, when you fall asleep thinking of them, when you wake up in the middle of the night to think of them more and write them a poem at 3 in the morning. When you feel like you heart was made to beat for them.
I'm sprung for this one girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.
by JaredWittus June 13, 2013
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