slang for marijuana
Hey dude, I don't have to teach my preschool class for another fifteen minutes. Lets get high on some silly sprouts.
by JakeDave August 20, 2010
One of the best surf movies ever created. It includes Parko, Rob, an awesome soundtrack, and awesome surfers. It takes jazz, throws it in a blender with surfing, and hits frappe, without putting the lid on. Undoubtedly one of the best surfing movies created.
"Shaka brah that movie sprout was awesome. Rob was bustin snapps left and right like no kook I've seen."
by Shakabrah February 28, 2008
a child, especially a baby
She has one sprout too many.
by The Return of Light Joker March 22, 2008
British slang. Like a jock in many ways, tends to hang around with Charvas and enjoys to play basketball, rugby, soccer and much more. Has no real music sense and is generally ugly and arrogant.
Hahaa! Look at that Sprout ugly, arrogant sportsman!
by cobain October 29, 2003
Sprouts - Slang for Boobs.
Common in Dublin,Ireland.A joke name for Mammory Glands.
Look at the Sprouts on her!
by Blood January 07, 2005
(see the definition of "a sprout" dealing with a hero from a thousand paces)
this can also be used as a verb, to sprout someone means you had intercourse with them and they are probably much too young
hey lets go in the back of my car and sprout!
by Scandelicious April 29, 2008

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