A goodlooking or hot girl, one that usually has an incredibly sexy body/tappable ass. A dead sexy megababe.
Did you see that chick? She's a fuckn' sprouuut!

Jim: She's such a babe!
Jimmy: I know, she's a fair sprout.
by jeremy fitzington December 01, 2009
Top Definition
2nd generation Vauxhall/Opel Frontera 4x4, nicknamed because of its sprouting aerial. A fantastic vehicle.
How much are you asking for sprout? I have always wanted one.
by J. Lowndes August 14, 2006
A younger girl usually around the age of 12 who you can tell is going to be hot when the mature
Look at that girl, what a sprout
by A guyyyyyyy August 23, 2011
another word for testicles
"Stop munching my sprouts"
by francis style May 11, 2010
Little person who resembles the Green Gian't sidekick (offspring?)
Kelly was standing nex to Anne and she looked like "Sprout"
by LatinoHeat February 22, 2005
nickname for the drug "cot"
Eating sprout is really addictive.
by FFFFLEEZO July 31, 2006
A person who has no muscular definition at all (un-hench). These people think they're top of the social ladder, posting selfies of there flat stomach on facebook and receiving one like from there brother who too is taking the piss, but in fact there unwanted children whose family haven't discovered fire yet.
Alex: (tags Dean in a photograph) haha what a bellend!
Dean: haha look at him, he needs to hit the abs!
Alex: you could draw a straight line with that!
Dean: yeah, what a sprout!
by Banter? Kemmoon December 19, 2014
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