Someone who either has grown up in, or is currently residing, in the New Zealand city of Nelson, particularly known for its inbreeding problem
Did you see that sprog in the NZ Warriors the other day
by LZRPWR August 09, 2009
The Sprog is a 14foot (4.27m) two sail hard chine dinghy. It was originally designed in South Africa in the post WWII years in marine ply. At the end of the 70's, a successful conversion to foam sandwich GRP produced many new Sprogs and resulted in the revival of the class.
I raced my sprog across the ocean
by sprogster January 27, 2006
A child or sproggen for children
We have a sprog/sproggen
by dave_keogh December 02, 2006
v. Synonyms: cum, ejaculate, blow gravy, spoo.
Damn, Frank has a porn tape where a guy sprogs in some chicks nose like a Vicks nasal inhaler.
by Frank Klaune May 02, 2005
usually meaning child or young person. sometimes in comprehensive schools meaning year 7 person.

In my school we have a "sprog pit" which used to be a pond but is now just a whole in the concret quad. alot of the older kids sometimes push "sprogs" (year 7s) into it.
Two girls are walking to lesson:
girl 1: hey look those sprogs look lost
girl 2: yea lets go help them

some year 9 boys are playing football. two year 7s ask if they can play:
Year 7 boy 1: hey guys can we join in
year 9 boy 1: no, get lost you sprogs
by Leigh. M. October 30, 2006
another word for "sperm" or "cum".
Someone got caught sprogging in the Gents while looking at a porno magazine and left a big slag in the pissing trough.
by bread infection January 01, 2006
golly, oyster, phlegm .. something left on the ground after an exercise in phlegm projection. (aussie)

Sprog definition thought to originate from foetal resemblance.
Hey, I just trod in your sprog. Kindly use a tissue asshole.
by oink March 08, 2005

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