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once disparaging term for a child, now often used affectionately. (Chiefly British)
"I'll come by your place after I drop the sprogs at school"
by grhabyt March 23, 2006
Derogatory term for a child.
"People who make sprogs should be locked up in a room full of sprogs and then strangled to death with a condom which is what they should've used in the first place."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
Children. Young ones. Generally aged from babies to preschool. Often birthed by people trying to fill a void in their own lives.

Often referrs to well off families who treat their young children as an accessory, dressing them as if they were a cooler smaller version of themselves. Most upsettingly this often involves putting them in crocs, clothes from H&M and GAP.

They regularly have a look in their eyes which is passive yet self absorbed. A bit like a fat sleepy zombie.

Easily entertained, easily annoyed, irritating.
Nevermind all this CO2 and carbon neutral stuff, people just need to stop having so many damn sprogs.

I would have invited Rebecca, but since she's become a mother, all she ever talks about is her fucking sprog.

~Kelly had ANOTHER child last month,
#wait, does that mean she's got six sprogs now?
>That's way too many sprogs.
~I don't want any sprogs until I'm at least thirty.
by Planktown April 11, 2010
A new military recruit or a recruit fresh out of training arriving at a unit.
Look at that sprog! He is absolutely clueless!
by sapper666 February 07, 2009
Naval term for a young/inexperienced rating...
Him? He's just a SPROG, Seaman Part one Right Outta Ganges!
by Sean's X-Type Cat March 22, 2010
1. derogative term for an unpleasent child.

2. illigitimate offspring
by M May 13, 2003
Someone who either has grown up in, or is currently residing, in the New Zealand city of Nelson, particularly known for its inbreeding problem
Did you see that sprog in the NZ Warriors the other day
by LZRPWR August 09, 2009
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