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Derogatory term for a child.
"People who make sprogs should be locked up in a room full of sprogs and then strangled to death with a condom which is what they should've used in the first place."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
once disparaging term for a child, now often used affectionately. (Chiefly British)
"I'll come by your place after I drop the sprogs at school"
by grhabyt March 23, 2006
Children. Young ones. Generally aged from babies to preschool. Often birthed by people trying to fill a void in their own lives.

Often referrs to well off families who treat their young children as an accessory, dressing them as if they were a cooler smaller version of themselves. Most upsettingly this often involves putting them in crocs, clothes from H&M and GAP.

They regularly have a look in their eyes which is passive yet self absorbed. A bit like a fat sleepy zombie.

Easily entertained, easily annoyed, irritating.
Nevermind all this CO2 and carbon neutral stuff, people just need to stop having so many damn sprogs.

I would have invited Rebecca, but since she's become a mother, all she ever talks about is her fucking sprog.

~Kelly had ANOTHER child last month,
#wait, does that mean she's got six sprogs now?
>That's way too many sprogs.
~I don't want any sprogs until I'm at least thirty.
by Planktown April 11, 2010
A new military recruit or a recruit fresh out of training arriving at a unit.
Look at that sprog! He is absolutely clueless!
by sapper666 February 07, 2009
Naval term for a young/inexperienced rating...
Him? He's just a SPROG, Seaman Part one Right Outta Ganges!
by Sean's X-Type Cat March 22, 2010
1. derogative term for an unpleasent child.

2. illigitimate offspring
by M May 13, 2003
a word in the internet gaming world of counter strike source, to describe anyone from a noob, to a complete wanker.
Boom headshot, owned you complete sprogs!
by Jubz December 13, 2006