A time of the year (usually in Mar or Apr) when college students from the northern states go to the sunbelt to bask in the beaches, beer, bods and booty. The biggest destinations are probably Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Panama City and Miami Beach.

For guys its a time of waiting to meet a hot chick and score with her a few hours later after she gets drunk. For the ladies, they put on their bathing suit and hope to meet a hot guy, hoping he's not filming you for Girls Gone Wild.
Spring Break is usually so wild and so debaucherous that its primary sponsors should be Valtrex and Trojan.
by krock1dk March 18, 2009
A week in which one does not wear pants.
tom-"hey what are you doing for spring break?"
jeff-"sleeping till noon, and not attempting to get up or wear pants."
by bitchimgod March 28, 2010
A massive flood of raging hormones all concentrated to an area the size of a single human cell, so explosive and compact, only alcohol and sex can release this immense preassure, resulting in stampedes to Mexico, Florida, and Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

This is where stories of Bro Rape, Hot Lesbian realities, wet T-shirt contests, etc.
Raging Hormone: "I'm so fuckin pumped, i think i'm going to fuck the first thing that walks through the door."

Raging Hormone 2: "NO!, keep the juggernaut locked up, wait until Spring Break... Intercourse, Pennsylvania isn't going to know what hit them."
by 556677NK March 10, 2010
a break from school for all students, not just college and highschool.
spring break is the only thing that keeps me sane during the last semester of school.
by creamalicious™ March 23, 2005
interruption in college classes that allows college students (and skeezy old men/soldiers) to enter a weeklong frenzy of debauchery as an escape from the rigors of school and the cold of winter. often means less to west coasters, who actually experience "sunlight" during the winter.
I never realized just how awesome spring break was until I moved from Los Angeles to Philly. I just thought that chicks sunbathing in bikinis were the norm.
by UCLAcrewDude March 22, 2004
Break from school in late March. People like to party during this time.
Dude, during spring break I, like, got drunk twice, stoned once, and had sex seven times!
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
The only way CSI: Miami had something to do their show on.
Im not going to spring break in west palm this year, i dont wanna be on that stupid show again.
by Rlvers March 11, 2011

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