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this means the girl you are talking about is a true babe!!!
Annie is a piece!!!!!
by Rwolbic April 13, 2005
conrad the sailor is conors secret identity, its true you can see it on the posts down by the river!!!! anyway he sails on a boat haunted by an unfriendly ghost.
mum, im just going sailing
who with????
Conrad the sailor!!!!!!
by Rwolbic May 03, 2005
A word that means shocked and surprised at the same time.... In extreme cases of using this saying it can mean you have browned yourself.
Char has browned the sofa AGAIN
Golly galoshers
by Rwolbic May 10, 2005
This is the voice which makes everyone listen. Usually if you dont speak in it you will be ignored. This voice was invented by Josh, he loves the film Homeward Bound!
Please help my house is on fire!!!!!
talk in the Peter voice and we will listen
(very low meaning full voice, like the voice of god) Please help my house is on fire!!!!!
by Rwolbic May 10, 2005
this is the phrase used when the mister mister lady jumps on the bonnet of Happy Gilmoures car....! it is also used when anyone jumps on a car bonnet.
Vixster: look annie BOOMER
annie: (jumps on bonnet) MISTER!!!
by Rwolbic May 10, 2005
This is a week or two where you and your chums can legally get in trollies and be pushed down hills....... This is one of the greatest holidays in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
annie, vixster, conrad, allie, char, joe get in your trollies its.........SPRING BREAK
by Rwolbic May 10, 2005
the word rinsin originates from my hood Ross, it means the best ever.
my motor is rinsin!!!
by Rwolbic April 11, 2005

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