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the most annoying, yet suprisingly amusing, popup, EVER!
you are an idiot! ha-hahah-haha-ha-aw
by creamalicious™ May 23, 2004
a break from school for all students, not just college and highschool.
spring break is the only thing that keeps me sane during the last semester of school.
by creamalicious™ March 23, 2005
the exact opposite of what the last person said. a nowhere where no ones like to reside and get married at 16 and die in.
believe me, if you've ever lived there, you don't need an example. You know EXACTLY what i mean.
by creamalicious™ May 23, 2004
a pop singer from ontario, canada. a self proclaimed "skater punk, wild child, and free spirit".
why'd ya have to go and make me so constipated...
by creamalicious™ March 11, 2005

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