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to bone.
i spratted your mum last night.
by dan November 12, 2003
21 16
A butthole; An anus that spits out poop
Hey you damn sprat quit being a sprat.
guy 1 "I did her last night"
guy 2 "really? thats cool where did ya'll do it at?"
guy 1 "right in her sprat"
guy 2 "no i mean what location"
guy 1 "the sprat"
guy 2 "you're an idiot"
guy 1 "you're a sprat"
by Matt Wesley September 30, 2007
16 12
1) A girl that sleeps around.

2) A girl that is annoying, complains, and is mean.

3) An all around unpleasant individual.
She is such a sprat.

Tell that sprat to shut up.
by Sweet Tits 74748239 April 24, 2009
6 6
Sprat meens to short change someone

Spraty is sumone hu duz it all da time
1) Arrr e sprat me innit doh
2) Dnt sprat me i wnt all me chnge bak lyk
by Callum Quigley March 27, 2007
5 6
A feeling of higher than average contentment usually caused by but not limited to a recent sexual encounter.
I lit up a Marlboro after feeling sprat as hell on my way to my car from that bitch's apartment.
by Mark Bain June 20, 2007
5 8
When you have bad diarrhea.
I had bad diarrhea and it sprat all over the back of the toilet bowl.
by Curt Kowalski March 19, 2008
4 8
runny poopy
also the act of releasing runny poopy
I'd rather sprat in my pants than have to cop a squat in the bushes here. Who knows what critters will try to crawl up my poop tube.
by Katmandu August 10, 2005
7 17