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to bone.
i spratted your mum last night.
by dan November 12, 2003
A butthole; An anus that spits out poop
Hey you damn sprat quit being a sprat.
guy 1 "I did her last night"
guy 2 "really? thats cool where did ya'll do it at?"
guy 1 "right in her sprat"
guy 2 "no i mean what location"
guy 1 "the sprat"
guy 2 "you're an idiot"
guy 1 "you're a sprat"
by Matt Wesley September 30, 2007
1) A girl that sleeps around.

2) A girl that is annoying, complains, and is mean.

3) An all around unpleasant individual.
She is such a sprat.

Tell that sprat to shut up.
by Sweet Tits 74748239 April 24, 2009
Sprat meens to short change someone

Spraty is sumone hu duz it all da time
1) Arrr e sprat me innit doh
2) Dnt sprat me i wnt all me chnge bak lyk
by Callum Quigley March 27, 2007
A feeling of higher than average contentment usually caused by but not limited to a recent sexual encounter.
I lit up a Marlboro after feeling sprat as hell on my way to my car from that bitch's apartment.
by Mark Bain June 20, 2007
When you have bad diarrhea.
I had bad diarrhea and it sprat all over the back of the toilet bowl.
by Curt Kowalski March 19, 2008
runny poopy
also the act of releasing runny poopy
I'd rather sprat in my pants than have to cop a squat in the bushes here. Who knows what critters will try to crawl up my poop tube.
by Katmandu August 10, 2005
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