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An aggravating and naive butthead
"That sprag just knocked down my girl tent!"
by Ura Sprag November 29, 2009
verb: East Yorks, England

To report someone to the authority for a michievous or forbidden act.
"Where's Jim?"
"He's in hiding from Sir cos John spragged he set off the fire alarm."
by conciliation March 26, 2009
n. the grossest thing ever.

adj. exuding grossness in all things; disgusting;
You smell like shit sprags!

Ew. You're so sprags!

by sprags von sprags August 22, 2008
Also see "Sprage" or "Sprague" or "Sprauge"

Usually in reference to a penis covered in feces.
"After we were done having anal sex, i had a sprag."
by asslicker109demonballs June 29, 2013
Texas slang for fuck
I spragged that girl five times
by Ralph Nadir April 13, 2015
Shot-gun-like bowel discharge
That sprag I just had really hurt my butt
by BowlingforShrimp November 23, 2005
The name for a Lucy Spraggan fan. Usually highly dedicated and mildly obsessed with Spraggan and her music.
"What does Lucy Spraggan call her fans?"
by Iamthedictionaryk January 15, 2016

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